Case Study

R.M. Landscape

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Mowers deployed
Acres mowed per week
Increase in contract sales from previous year
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Brett from RM Landscape took over the reins of his business from his father in 2010 and has steadily grown year over year ever since until reaching the $15M revenue mark. However, growth doesn’t come easy, especially doing so in a smart and efficient manner. This is because taking on large contract opportunities means scaling up his workforce and the infrastructure required to support them. Hiring and developing a strong bench of talent has become increasingly difficult in the past few years, so Brett reached out to the ESR team to see how he could prepare his company and team for a strong future.


Since starting with Electric Sheep, RM has deployed 2 mowers on some of their high profile customer sites. Albeit a small and focused start, Brett and team have used this opportunity to begin to restructure their 3-person, full service crews to 2 person crews with an autonomous mower, positioning himself as a forward-thinking landscaper on the cutting edge of tech.


While partnering with ESR, Brett and team have taken the opportunity to leverage the brand value of working with cutting edge tech and position themselves as forward thinking leaders in the marketplace.

In the 2022 season, with an autonomous mowing demo, Brett was able to secure the bid for a $1.5M Municipality contract. He collaborated with the ESR team to bid this project based on what the future of his autonomous / fully-electric mow operation might look like and the economics and selling points he’s able to take advantage of.

Next year, at the start of the 2023 mow season, RM Landscape is expanding their deployments by 6 more mowers. Growth is a struggle no more, and they’re now developing new roles and creative ways to engage an entirely new talent pool than they had in years past.

Onward and upward!