What’s after LLMs—embodied AI

The landscaping industry exhibits precisely the characteristics ideal for an AI-driven robotic transformation – repetitive tasks, rising labor costs, but most importantly, heavily mechanized tasks done today using machines. 

With eventually over 1M cumulative sites spanning every geography and weather condition imaginable, no simulator can match this real-world complexity. Our strategy acquires the best providers in each sub-sector, integrating their operations into a unified data, deployment and reinforcement learning goldmine.

These mature regional businesses bring so much more than data. Profitable on day one with strong existing revenues, they provide a robust customer footprint and de-risk the technology development.

Why us, and why now

Traditional approaches to robotics consistently show vulnerabilities, requiring repeated instruction and lacking the ‘common sense’ aspect crucial for dynamic operations. Endowing robots with every day common sense through a world model and a streamlined user experience are the next big push.

With GPT-based architectures showing unprecedented potential in AI, especially LLMs and Multimodal LLMs, the timing couldn’t be more opportune to harness their power for robotic common sense and dynamic operations.

These potent GPT models demand vast amounts of data, and the field of robotics has traditionally been data-starved. This requires a new business approach, and a new kind of company to be built.

ESR is the only enterprise that merges a data acquisition business strategy through landscaping company acquisitions, providing Reinforcement Learning (RL) on a monumental scale, spanning tens of thousands of robots.

Our team is renowned for its prowess in sim2real and holistic ML-driven robotic approaches, and our Landscape Ops team has deep experience driving large scale acquisition and consolidation efforts.


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A $250B opportunity for Embodied AI in landscaping

Our north star is to consolidate up to $5Bn in revenue, and over 500k deployed robots by 2030, backed by ES1—a single foundation model to power all outdoor automation tasks.