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Supercharged outdoor operations

Ensure your legacy with growth and automated technology

The generational businesses that green industry entrepreneurs have built are inspiring. We make it easy to move on to your next phase feeling secure, knowing your business will get the funding and technology needed to thrive.

With ESR’s cutting edge autonomous robotics, we help you transition to autonomy, access new markets, dominate in your zip codes, and achieve new heights. 

Driven by people

We partner with culture-driven landscaping companies, empowering its people to do more of what they already do well. We promote from within for automation champions, providing new growth opportunities through best-in-class training and development.

How it works

Get cash for your business

Bootstrapping a business leaves you with plenty of personal exposure. De-risk your personal financial position and get paid for the business you've built.

Share in the upside

Retain a percentage of this new tech-enabled business, along with incentives to really take some big swings with the right resources behind you.

Grow your legacy

You've built your team and its book of business over a career. Leave it in a position to thrive, with the right resources and technology at hand.

Choose your path forward

We work with owners who want to stay onboard, and also support those who are ready to make a clean exit.

Consolidation record

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Why partner with us

Growth Capital

Companies need capital to grow. Get paid what you deserve for the company you've built, while making sure your team has the right capital access to build for the future.

Maintain culture

Culture isn't created over night. Investing in the right businesses is our priority, not meddling. We look to cultivate what is already there.

Transition to automation

Best-in-class automation tools empower your teams, and drive productivity and margin improvements. With automation, your team and your customers win.

Electrify your fleet

Transition from gas to an electric fleet with ESR, over a 2-5 year period.

Upskill your team

When businesses grow, people grow with it. There are immediate opportunities for career growth and upskilling.

Safety first

Safety for our crews and the properties & customers we service is non-negotiable. We introduce technology responsibly.

Build a resilient, tech-forward business with us. Get in touch.